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Our Causes

About Anaka Foundation

Anaka Foundation is an indigenous not for profit humanitarian and development non-governmental organisation initiated in 2004 with a vision of society without poverty and injustice in which every child, woman and man enjoys the right to a life with dignity.
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Our Vision
“a vision of a society with sustainable livelihoods living quality and dignified life”

Our Mission
“The Foundation’s mission is to work with others to empower vulnerable communities through information sharing, learning, capacity building, advocacy and provision of basic needs seeking to promote the well beings of particularly children, women and youth.”

Our Values
Participation, Accountability, Transparency, Sustainability, Empowerment and equality.

Our Work Areas

Sponsorships Support
Through sponsorships and provision of scholastic materials, the Foundation has so far ensured enrollment and retention of up 100 pupils (boys and girls) in nine primary schools – giving opportunity for education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds (OVCs).

Resource Management
The foundation’s work on natural resource management / governance at community level has focused on promoting use of energy saving technologies for household cooking; tree planting at household and community levels – especially in schools; raising awareness on land rights and mediating land conflicts in the communities.

Livelihoods Support
Through livelihoods support (provision of inputs/ stock, trainings) and civic competence building, the Foundation has worked to improve household incomes, empowering and nurturing resilient communities

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