Welcome to Anaka Foundation

Empowering Communities since 2004

Anaka Foundation was initiated in 2004 with a vision of a society without poverty and injustice in which every child, woman, and man enjoys the right to a life with dignity. The organization, therefore, seeks to promote the rights of children, women, and men to a healthy and just society through working with others to empower communities to fight poverty and social injustice in view of building a sustainable community with improved standards of living.
Anaka has offices in Nwoya district with outreaches across the seven districts of the Acholi sub-region. Sectors of intervention include; education, health, livelihoods, natural resource management such as land, water and sanitation and extractive industry of recent.

Our Vision

To contribute to building a Uganda in which all communities have the capacity & skills to be self-reliant & sustainably manage their lives

Our mission

To empower the different communities in Northern Uganda so that they are able to fight poverty and lead a productive life.

Overall Goal

Anaka Foundation aspires to contribute to a better society with an improved standard of living for all

Our Core Values

  • Participation, we ensure representation and involvement of relevant stakeholders (men and women) in the key organizational decision making processes and activities such as planning, implementation, program review, monitoring and evaluation among others. We also actively engage in and with relevant policy and other development processes at global, regional, national and local levels.
  • Accountability, we emphasize adequate reporting and feedback to the relevant stakeholders at different levels.
  • Transparency, we stand for open communication and information sharing to stakeholders at all levels.
  • Empowerment, we focus on transformative programs and interventions that help address structural inequalities that inhibit participation and performance of particularly vulnerable persons to attain the desired social change
  • Equality, we grant and stand for equal opportunity and treatment for all

Become A Volunteer

Northern Uganda has the highest concentration of NGOs that cover a wide spectrum of social services. Such social services include working with vulnerable children, women, HIV/AIDS victims, poverty-stricken communities, the elderly, youth, landmines victims, victims of domestic violence, and many others